Leading Brands Of Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are bikes that are designed to be ridden in rough terrains and rocky palaces. Most mountain bike can be seen racing downhill or climbing the hills in your area. Owning a mountain bike can prove to be fun and interesting if you have the correct bike in hand. Here are a few brands that make some of the most significant mountain bikes models.


Yeti mountain bikes brand has been around since 1985 and it is currently located in Colorado. Yeti brand has been there since the start of mountain biking and they often adopt their styles to create an amazing design that will be sure to give you the best riding experience. Not only is the Yeti brand not specific in one design but also aim at building a bike that is more advanced in technology. Their main goal is to design a bike that has the latest technological advances and which will satisfy their customers’ optimal needs. The yeti brand aims at building a superb bike that will fulfill almost all of your biking desires.


The Cannondale is an American company that is well known for the introduction of the bike trailers. Their first bike trailer the bagger became a hit back in the 80s and it’s still a much-known bike trailer up to now. The company was first founded in the early 1970s and it immediately started constructing their famous bikes. In 1983 the company manufactured its first aluminum touring bike which became a hit and led to the penetration of the brand in the market. They further advanced their scope and in 1984 they released their first mountain bike which was an oversized aluminum bike. Since then they have further improved their bikes and created more amazing and advanced models to satisfy the customers biking needs across the globe. In 1990 they introduced their first dual suspension mountain bike which offered a great balanced and a new era to the mountain bikes.


Scott brand was formerly known as Scott USA and it is an American based manufacturing company. They are best known for their numerous sports gear most especially ski poles and ski boots. The company introduced their first mountain bike in 1986 as a way of venturing into more sports area and targeting a larger market. In 1991 they produced their first unishock full suspension mountain bike which was a great hit and brought in a lot of new customers. Back in 2003, they introduced their triple mode bike which was an all-travel, lock-out, and traction mode bike. The bike was very advanced and it was equipped with a shock adjustable device that allowed the customers to enjoy riding even in rough terrains. With time they have improved their mountain bike categories which include the racing bikes, all mountains, downhill, free-ride and the trail mountain bikes.

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Over the years a lot of companies have cropped up trying to fight for competition in the mountain bike industry. The Santa Cruz brand was founded in 1993 and it came into the market industry with a thud. The company was started by Rob Roskopp and Rich Novak and they introduced the Tazmon which was their first single pivot dual suspension bike. The company has since grown and it has over 20 advanced mountain bike models which are suited to the riders’ specifics and needs. Additionally, the company has developed the Juliana range which is created to suit the women riding skills. The Santa Cruz won the 4th UCI mountain bike and trials world championship title which makes the company very popular in making race mountain bikes.


As the name suggests the giant manufacturing company is among the giants in the creation of mountain bikes. The company was founded in 1972 and it is based in Taiwan. The company was founded by King Liu and Tony Lo. The success of the giant company began when they successfully signed a contract with the Schwinn manufacturing company thus granting them the rights to an original equipment manufacturer under their private label. Giant has since then grown to become one of the leading bike manufacturing companies in the world. The company is widely known and their bikes are sold internationally to over 50 countries. They have given back to the society by sponsoring mountain biking athletes like Carl Decker, John Tomac, Rune Hoydahl and Danny Hart.


The specialized manufacturing company was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard. The company began as an importing company that specialized in importing bike parts from Italy. By 1984 the company began manufacturing their own bikes and tried penetrating the bike market. In 1984 the company produced their first mountain bike known as the stump jumper which continues one of their best-selling models up to now but with a little change due to growth and improvement in technology. The mountain bikes are classified into various categories ranging from the gravity, recreational, fat bike, all-mountain, cross-country and the women’s mountain bikes.



Trek manufacturing company was founded in 1976 in Waterloo, Wisconsin, the USA by Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg. The company began as a subsidiary company of the Roth Corporation. An interesting fact is that most of their bikes are predominantly manufactured in Taiwan and China the reason being that there is the availability of affordable labor and raw materials in those countries. The company is known to manufacture high-quality mountain bikes and they have a market in over 90 countries around the globe. They have a wide category of mountain bikes ranging from cross-country, technical trail, singletrack trail, enduro, sports hardtail, dual sport, and the gravity bike.


Niner manufacturing company is a new company that is penetrating the market with a thud. Though it has not been around for a long time Niner is already doing a great job of providing some of the best mountain bikes models. The company is solely focused on mountain bikes and coming up with some of the best brands that are taking over the market industry. Their creativity is seen throughout each and every bike they create and their signature sleek models can be seen around the country.


Cycling has been there for ages and the industry tries to make it more interesting by introducing newer models in the market. Get your own mountain bike and enjoy the ride.

Have fun and be safe!

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